Ravenland Static IPFS Service (RSIPS)

'yer we're an ravencoin ipfs supernode! these files run out of ram

We are an IPFS Static Asset Mirror for Ravencoin Objects

these files are directly online and synced with ipfs

ipfs_image token_name number tokens decimals has_ipfs ipfs_hash Reissuable type
THEGAME 100000000 1 QmQAztVo6Na9RjtmCux5sbZKcVXPvBub3V3CMaAmaHtQga 1 image/jpeg

Distribution Addresses

RCRt2VtQz7nccT1rjF8VG2jVpNhUGhmjtw 1
RDXkjukjkpx11JkBiYHKV49BLp3vkm9djL 9894999
RFd4HQ8wszyUoRLtStn4BkwE3uQEoxF2uY 4986
RKAgKcTyceXwNkRArHpjSVmjNyizX5d1T4 100000
RUwYM3x5hddZtDpUc6msYwV8DdDB7rd7oS 4

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