Ravenland Static IPFS Service (RSIPS)

'yer we're an ravencoin ipfs supernode! these files run out of ram

We are an IPFS Static Asset Mirror for Ravencoin Objects

these files are directly online and synced with ipfs

ipfs_image token_name number tokens decimals has_ipfs ipfs_hash Reissuable type
SWISSGOLD 100001 1 Qmec4ctkRe3gH4nUHfRU37rTWtZZgNBs8ofQuzzzYuks1C 1 image/jpeg

Distribution Addresses

REbgz3CkGjwoVRL7EY2ASUshFC573SQWWX 900
RJjwP8E9PXojtnqTuSPsbNJ4xXvhpfEKF5 3600
RKhGr4V7VKNbzM9Jp8doeJfgYfkNCRgXQz 900
RLRmsbaYD4MZgu2hsSyybWkfymtzUrKVRK 10
RNfmcYG9qBystFHPXA9TpGMPot6LRKyr5d 900
RRbo2J3Yna3rABvBdjtuHhnUNLNoqC1b8f 90
RS96xWnyNbgMcMfEEYng1X4iNkjjdH9h4D 900
RTbwqKJ6LG2mP6pmFuvBKjjhbmVA9bhzPs 900
RVfuxexmMdG49nuxQNHFrmKvCxbAqG3Dto 900
RXeykvWTQycLznWaT21fSpFV7RHqHqXmZ6 900

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