Ravenland Static IPFS Service (RSIPS)

'yer we're an ravencoin ipfs supernode! these files run out of ram

We are an IPFS Static Asset Mirror for Ravencoin Objects

these files are directly online and synced with ipfs

ipfs_image token_name number tokens decimals has_ipfs ipfs_hash Reissuable type
RVN_SO_HARD_SO_FREE 210000000008 1 QmY4aPDFnWtHzfuMQuqoXX57j8UHZLh9jk5tz7rbsN65dN 1 image/png

Distribution Addresses

RAF6fTpjiASgiBrQFjPKZECJeJfg2NuLH9 1000000
RBdaaBe8wcRocsvajTv5tNmQSChF2wWiip 100000
RD4KnAPR9JnwTrp2WTrDpvBdpaNTmXLUcz 1000000
RDGbat8V6PC49pRegVox6buwVRqdUieBDz 1000000
RGRMrFfC5eLcJ2mVWhouL1JgzxVp9nMueQ 20995800000
RKUjRi5JLbWZYBobMGu4nzZ5AsdG5SeFt9 95000
RKxH9MdGuerLYMpRZ675F2vebe5P6Gnp15 5000
RXc3kGeeMzT7cEXEGyyVpsnG4Bi3DNnY5t 1000000

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